Super Sportsman Of Watch Industry

‘I use motion to calm myself down.’ A simple slogan gave the man another reason to sweat. In that time and space calmed by sports, there will be a momentary and wonderful encounter, which will become a confidant by tacit understanding. Maybe it is a watch with the trident eagle seal, or it may be a chronograph with the Monaco car emblem.
Here, time flows in a peculiar way, playing with the changing light kissing the sea level day after day.

Anonymous hampton Hampton magnum XXL PVD
Super logo: 200 meters waterproof
XXL size extra large case, has shown the momentum of movement. This should be a notable visual breakthrough for the famous watch with a low-key style. But for sports people, in addition to the large dial that can provide convenient reading, the more important is the improvement in water resistance. The black rubber and red gold bezel are embedded on the left side and reinforced by 2 stainless steel screws. The middle screw-in greatly strengthens the sturdiness. Because it is a luminous pointer, time can still accompany you even on the dark sea bottom, which is as deep as 200 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs
Super Logo: Trident Eagle
This is a professional diving watch with a sturdy grade 5 titanium case and a unidirectional rotating bezel. However, 1000 meters water resistance is not the super-printed logo of this watch. For diving enthusiasts, the opportunity to test the performance of this watch with freediving record holder Patrick Musimu is what a super sportsman wants.

Divescope Diverscope
Super logo: 300 meters waterproof
Shang Weisha used the 1960s diving watch as the design blueprint for this watch, harmoniously connecting the round case shape, rotating bezel and bright colors. The triangle mark in the bezel is used as a reference to calculate the underwater snorkeling time. This classic continues today after 40 years. And the screw-down crown is PVD-coated, making this 300-meter professional diving watch more durable. It is not to be missed for those who love sports and nostalgia, especially the classic sixty years. Memories and glory.

Girard Perregaux Monte-Carlo 1973 Flyback Chronograph
Super Logo: Monaco Car Emblem
This is a commemorative watch. If you are not a super racing mystery, you will not remember the Monte-Carlo 1973 flyback chronograph with speed measurement function. The legendary battle of the year: Just press the flyback button once and the timekeeping in operation The second hand immediately returns to zero and starts the second timekeeping program, eliminating the need for the traditional chronograph to stop / reset / start three programs. The watch we saw today was born to commemorate that extraordinary legend. The dial is printed with the word MONTE-CARLO 1973, and the case back is also engraved with the name of the winning driver, the name of the chariot and the license plate number. There is nothing less to remember.