Tag Heuer And Mohammed Ali Center Hold A Charity Event To Commemorate The Legendary Boxer

TAG Heuer is hosting this charity event to pay tribute to Muhammad Ali. The guests who attended the event included Ali’s wife Lonnie Ali and many boxing celebrities, including Ali’s former rivals George Chuvalo, Earnie Shavers, and Ali Inspired to be boxers Evander Holyfield, Roberto Durán, and Julio César Chávez González.

 Members of the TAG Heuer family, including two image ambassadors Tom Brady, Henrik Lundqvist and brand friend Iris Apfel ) Also attended the commemorative event.

 This event is hosted by the boxer Paul ‘Magic Man’ Malignaggi, known as the ‘Magician’. The venue is specially selected in the well-known Gleason in DUMBO (under Manhattan Bridge), Brooklyn, New York Gleason’s Gym-Muhammad Ali was here to train under the witness of curator and owner Bruce Silverglade.
 TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver addressed the meeting. He met Ali four years ago, and this charity event was planned by him.

 On the day of the event, The Muhammad Ali Center displayed a special commemorative watch made by TAG Heuer and auctioned together with a pair of Ali signature boxing gloves. All donations have been donated to the Mohamed Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
 “Tribute to Muhammad Ali”, a special watch made of stainless steel, was also unveiled that night. Inspired by the well-known TAG Heuer Ring-Master watch, currently on display in the TAG Heuer Museum.
Tribute to Muhammad Ali
 Mohamed Ali has made several legends both in the history of the movement and in civil rights. More than 50 years ago in the Rome Olympic Games, he rose for the first time with a gold medal record; to this day, he is still one of the world’s most famous and outstanding figures.
 Unique work ethic, revolutionary and outstanding skills, and the fearless spirit of advancing for conviction are all factors that have contributed to Ali’s life legend. He has received numerous awards and honors throughout his life, including being named ‘Sportsman of the Century’ by Sports Illustrated and ‘Athlete of the Century’ by GQ Magazine. the Century) and he is also the UN Ambassador for Peace, and has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Amnesty International.
charity events
 Brooklyn, New York, October 25, 2016-In honor of Muhammad Ali, GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), the Gleason Sports Tube in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York hosted a charity Activities, here is also the boxing club that Ali trained in that year. This event is co-sponsored by TAG Heuer and Mohammed Ali Centre. All proceeds from the day will be donated to Mohammed Ali Centre.
 Numerous celebrities attended the commemorative event, including Ali’s wife Lenny Ali, Ali’s past rivals George Cuvallo and Ani Shaffers, and Evand Horley, inspired by Ali to become a professional boxer Field, Roberto Duran, and Julio Caesar Chavez.
TAG Heuer family
Also assisting this event was Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the Watchmaking Division of LVMH Group, who met with Muhammad Ali in December 2012 and three Brand Ambassadors and Friends:
-New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady, a charity auctioneer with Stéphanie Landess that night;
-Lund Qwest, a Swedish player of the professional ice hockey New York Rangers and one of the best goalkeepers in the world
-And Iris Epfer, who has multiple identities with American entrepreneurs, interior designers and fashion leaders.
The boxer Paul Marignagi, known as the ‘magician,’ hosted the event.
Gleason Stadium: A Unique Place
 This event was held in the legendary boxing club Gleason Stadium in the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area of ​​Brooklyn, New York. Including Ali, the club has trained more than 130 world champion boxers, dozens of whom have won the Golden Gloves.
 The club, which will be relocated in a few weeks, has been on the ground floor of an inconspicuous building in the busy southeast of New York for 65 years. As soon as the door opens, everyone will be immersed in the world of boxing. The walls are covered with posters of boxing champions. There are four boxing arenas, training bags and treadmills in the hall, and images of Muhammad Ali can be seen everywhere. Gym owner Bruce Silverglade is over 75 this year and proudly tells the story of Gleason Stadium and Ali. ‘This is where Ali practises before the game that shook the world,’ said Schiffgrede. The game was Ali’s battle with world heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in 1964. Ali was named Cassius Marcellus Clay, and was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. It was from this campaign that Ali began to create a legend, defeating opponents in six rounds and breaking everyone’s glasses. Liston, who played against him, was a fierce and terrifying enemy. His image was very different from the young Ali who loved reading poems and was ready to dominate the world. It was a battle everyone was eager to witness.
Memorial watch

 On the evening of the event, the Mohammed Ali Center displayed a commemorative watch made of pure gold, and attached a pair of boxing gloves, commemorative medals, and authenticity certificates signed by the champion of boxing Ali. Swiss-made studded leather case.

 Created by TAG Heuer, this unique watch is inspired by the well-known Ring-Master chronograph, which was introduced in 1957, and is currently in the TAG Heuer Museum. Ring-Master is equipped with 7 bezels, each with a different scale, one of which is dedicated to boxing timing.
 The watch was auctioned at the event, and all proceeds from the auction were donated to Mohammed Ali Centre.