The First Unico Movement To Taste Hublot Big Bang Unico Brand New Watch

HUBLOT presented a number of ‘Monster-Class’ watches at this year’s Baselworld. Of course, the most eye-catching must be the MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ that I introduced to you before. ‘, But under its aura there are still a number of amazing overtime representative models that have brought countless surprises to everyone. Today I bring you a new Big Bang UNICO watch equipped with Hublot UNICO movement for the first time. The material of this titanium ceramic introduced today, the official model: 411.NM.1170.RX.

This will be the new product series-Big Bang UNICO after Hublot Big Bang, Classic Fusion, King Power Supreme and Masterpieces. It will officially launch at Baselworld 2013.

The Hublot Big Bang UNICO was born today. This is the perfect fusion of HUBLOT’s most iconic Big Bang design with the brand’s completely independent UNICO movement.

Appearance articles:

 The Big Bang UNICO watch launched this time uses a variety of materials, of course, this is also a satisfaction of consumer selectivity, the materials from left to right are Wang Jin, titanium gold ceramics, titanium gold.

 Big Bang UNICO has a 45.5 mm diameter case, which highlights the stylish mechanical appearance. The material introduced today is titanium ceramic. Of course, Hublot has always aimed at pioneering materials. The well-known magic gold is also the representative material of the brand. The sharp edges and the classic “sandwich structure” of Hublot are retained in the case design.

 The bezel is locked by 6 H-shaped screws. The design is trendy, clever and more prominent. The top of each bolt is more vivid, and you can choose polishing or matte finish. And the famous ‘one-button’ switching function enables the wearer to quickly switch between various straps-each watch is equipped with the same new diamond-shaped natural rubber strap, which is integrated with the entire dial and complements each other.

 The hollow dial makes the precise UNICO column-wheel chronograph movement clearly visible and at a glance. The scales and Arabic numerals have been redesigned to show a larger hollow and luminous coating.

 Also worth mentioning is the new crown design, the new screw-in crown, wrapped in pressed natural rubber, and the end decorated with a classic H-shaped logo derived from the screw shape. For the first time since the birth of Big Bang in 2005, a round button was used. Each button is protected by a central button protection device, which is as lubricating and flexible as the engine piston.

 It is absolutely reasonable to use a transparent design at the bottom of the table. If such a superb movement cannot see the internal style, I believe it should be a big loss for the wearer.


 The watch provides a 60-minute timekeeping function. The small dial at three o’clock is the chronograph dial. At the same time, a date display window is provided at the small dial at three o’clock. The dial is surrounded by a polished ring, the hands are retouched, and the two-section faceted is coated with a luminous coating.

 At 9 o’clock, there is a small seconds dial. The dial is also surrounded by a polished ring. The hands have been retouched.

Movement articles:

 This column-wheel chronograph movement is completely designed, developed and manufactured by Hublot’s watch factory. It has a two-level clutch and the side of the dial is clearly visible. The completely original method and the way of thinking that breaks the traditional framework in the research and development process make the UNICO movement unique. For example, the timing device is directly driven by the barrel and there is no positioning lever in the internal structure of the chronograph. This simplification improves reliability and stability. The escapement fork and escape wheel made of silicon are fixed on a movable platform, and the lightweight nature of silicon guarantees its operating performance. In order to further increase the robustness of the movement, 330 parts are used in its extremely simplified structure. This is a joint effort of technical departments, laboratories and after-sales service departments. Since the first introduction of the UNICO movement in 2009, it has been continuously adjusted. School results. The 4 Hz (28,800 beats per hour) vibration frequency and flawless processing ensure the high quality of this chronograph. In addition, the automatic production including cutting, gem installation, lubrication and countless assembly steps ensure the stability of the movement quality and the strictly controlled quality level. Power reserve is about 72 hours.

Summary: The UNICO self-mainframe is the most iconic chronograph movement of HUBLOT, which is also an important reason for choosing this movement. It was completely designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by Hublot’s micromechanics, engineers and watchmakers. As a movement with flyback timing function, it can be reset at any time, especially in the watchmaking industry. The unique design is that the movement integrates a double button structure, a date display, and a double horizontal clutch on the dial side. The unique positioning mechanism and the famous ‘Guide Wheel’ make it a super reliable wrist companion from a professional perspective.