Two Highlights Tasting Iwc Portuguese Chronograph ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition

The Portuguese series of IWC has always been the watch of choice for many watch friends. The Portuguese series of watches is the most magnificent watch among IWC watches, with a simple design. As an entry-level model of the Portuguese series, the price of Portuguese watches is also a watch that is easy to get started, which has led many watch buyers to put their first watch on the Portuguese watch.

   Today, the Watch House brings you a special edition of the Portuguese chronograph ‘150th Anniversary’ (model: IW371602), which is newly launched this year, to see what is unique about this special edition watch.

   The watch uses a 41 mm stainless steel case, which is 0.1 mm larger than the previous Portuguese meter. The watch has a white lacquered dial, which is the biggest difference of this particular model. It is very beautiful. No details have been changed except the dial. The watch is equipped with the IWC-produced 69355 movement. Because it is a self-produced movement, this watch also has a back-to-back.

   For screw-in models, the top of the crown is the timing start and stop buttons, and the bottom is the zero reset button.

   Black alligator strap with a stainless steel folding clasp. These are no different from ordinary IWC.

   The thickness of the case was increased to 13.1 mm and 0.5 mm, which should be the reason for the replacement of the self-produced movement. And this increased thickness has little effect on the wearing experience.

   The dial uses a lacquered dial, which is lacquered layer by layer with superb lacquer technology. We know that if the lacquer plate is not handled well, bubbles are easy to occur, and the lacquered dial of IWC is multi-layered. The lacquer is very thin, and the look of the final product is completely comparable to the enamel dial.

   The layout of the dial has not changed at all, and it still uses blue Arabic numerals and a 60-minute circle for peripheral transfer. The 3 o’clock position is the 60-second hour dial, and the 12 o’clock position is the 30-minute time dial. Both use blue willow pointers, exquisite and elegant.

   For the first time, the Portuguese watch has a back-through design, which makes people addicted. The watch uses a 69000-based 69535 self-produced movement. The movement uses the most iconic Woodpecker Pillerton winding, but this movement’s woodpecker does not use ceramic parts, but uses the previous yellow Copper parts. In addition, the movement is also polished in Geneva ripples and fish scales, providing a power reserve of 46 hours.

Summary: The Portuguese 150th Anniversary Special Edition has two of the most attractive features. The first is the use of a very beautiful lacquered dial. Secondly, I finally replaced the IWC’s self-produced movement and replaced it with a back-through, so that this IWC Portuguese entry-level Portuguese watch can finally see the movement structure from the back. This watch is limited to 2,000 pieces, priced at 58,400 RMB. Friends who are interested may wish to try it on in a specialty store.