Vintage And Elegant Rosnya Business Blue Watch

As a domestic watch brand, Rossini is one of the few watch brands that has won the favor of the Chinese people. At a price close to the people, the generous design and durable performance are well received by the Chinese people. Among Rossini’s many watch series, the Yazun Business Series is a very elegant series of Rossini watches. It has a very clear market positioning and is very suitable for workplace wear. Today, the Blue Jue series 5501W06A, beige dial, is full of retro charm, elegant and solemn.
The official reference price is 2950 yuan.

   The stainless steel gold-plated case has smooth and rounded lines. The size of the 40mm case is just right, and it fits the wrists of Chinese men. The most attractive part of this watch is its beige dial, with Roman numerals, which has a very retro flavor, and a gentleman’s taste, beautiful. Blue steel hands, which play a very good decorative role, the overall look is very elegant.
   The 3 o’clock position on the dial is a date display, which meets business needs, and the stainless steel strap fits perfectly. At the same time, the watch has a dynamic style, which is also suitable for business meetings or outdoor leisure.

   This watch is a good domestic watch. Its movement is an imported automatic mechanical movement, but the price is not as good as the Swiss watch, but it is higher than the old domestic watch. The 40mm dial is very suitable for the wrist of Asian men, and its function is very close to that of business people.