What Kind Of Female Watch Is Considered Beautiful?

Every year’s exhibitions seem to be men’s world. Whatever it is, we must also give our girls some talk. I remember a certain rabbit fan said to me yesterday: ‘Anyway, I don’t like it. My wife likes it.’ After that, I started to please my wife, and I smiled inexplicably. What a girl likes, when you think about it, it’s just two words: ‘pure.’ There is no ‘value preservation’ in the eyes of others. Relatively speaking, they respect the heart. Cartier: The special-shaped watch is where the advantage is. The Cartier watched by the rabbit this year is definitely not satisfactory. It is neither a blue-champion winner, nor a century-old tycoon, but a jewelled design based on the classic series. This year’s more prominent name is the Cartier Libre series. It sounds like a new name, but the members are all elderly men with makeup. First look at Tank Chinoise. This model was born in 1921, and has not seen it for many years, this time with a Chinese style and red return. Its original square case is elongated into a rectangular shape with ruby ​​edges and black enamel. The side of the case is set with a whole row of diamonds. Limited to 100 pieces. Followed by the Cartier Diagonale watch, red or black enamel lines contrasted with pavé diamonds. Limited to 50 pieces, the rabbit felt it. The oval shape is also an inevitable choice. Try the BAIGNOIRE ALLONGÉE GÉLADON watch, medium model, 18K white gold, in addition to diamonds, emerald and Paraiba tourmaline, limited to 50 pieces. This series has several colors this year, the rabbit directly to get one to take pictures. Parmigiani: Another interpretation of the rainbow circle. The rainbow circle seems to be fired by several brands overnight (it can afford so many stones, naturally all are high-end brands). This year, I actually saw it at the Geneva watch fair. The regular Parmigiani took this route and found it very interesting. This attempt was applied to the classic Tonda 1950 series. The round table is relatively easy to carry this gorgeous operation. The enlarged bezel of this Tonda 1950 watch shrinks the dial area, which is to obtain more space for the bezel to inlay gems. In total, this watch includes 21 pink, blue, yellow and orange sapphires, three rubies, six tsavorites and six amethysts, weighing a total of 3.73 carats, with a white mother-of-pearl dial. The advantage is that although it is inlaid with many gems, it still maintains an ultra-thin size and is relatively comfortable to wear. Powell: Full of retro flavor Powell is a brand with deep roots in China, and even today, when more and more brand designs are modernized, it still retains the retro flavor. One of the highlights this year is the koi dial, a theme that is very popular with Southeast Asian collectors, because in this region, koi is a symbol of love. Mr. Raffy, the sole owner of BOVET 1822, invited Ilgiz Fazulzyanov to interpret the Koi theme. The Russian jewellery designer has been devoted to the manufacture of the Grand Fire Enamel dial for the brand since he became a partner of Bovet 1822 in 2014. There is another watch that just fascinates me. That is the folding fan theme, which uses painted silk fans. Folding fans have existed in different continents and cultures since ancient times. In addition to eternity, folding fans and timepieces have other things in common-they use a variety of materials and incorporate many different craftsmanship in their production. Earl: The lady watch full of nobleness. The Earl watch with its beautiful appearance shows me all the desires of women. I have said more than once that Limelight Gala is the best watch for Piaget. Its streamlined design brings out the feminine sense of femininity, and it is very recognizable and belongs to the ‘First Count’ female watch. This year’s new Limelight Gala, with a diameter of 32mm, uses an 18K white gold case set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds (weighing about 4.74 carats) and a leather strap. Although this diamond is really big, rabbits personally prefer Milanese woven belts or gold styles, that is, one gold in the end, and take a completely luxurious route. Take this malachite dial as an example. Of course, all gold models also have white dials, everyone may wish to try it in the store. Girard Perregaux: Girard Perregaux’s most famous female watch is always the cat’s eye, and it is also a model in the oval female watch. The highlight of this year is naturally the CAT’S EYE spring plum watch. On the oval dial we will see a spring plum, but it is not a simple decoration. It is actually a small second hand that moves with the passage of time. In addition to the white mother-of-pearl model that the rabbit tried on-site, there are all diamond and aventurine models. Plums do not fight for spring. Under the severe winter snow, only plum blossoms can be proud in the snow. This is also the metaphor that Girard Perregaux hopes to borrow from this series. Hermès: Design First Hermès is known for its style and design, so today Rabbit also deliberately introduces a watch with distinctive features, Galop d Hermes. This series comes from the designer Ini Archibong (this is also the first time he cooperated with Hermes, even the first time in the watch industry). After carefully observing various collections in the Hermes Creative Collection, he was born with design inspiration. He naturally thought of horse titles, horse stables and other materials related to the history of Hermès. At the end, this watch appeared similar to an inverted horse stable. Of course, it’s not that simple. In the design, he made the sharp corners disappear, leaving only the arc. The design of the digital scale is also deliberately arranged in a gradual manner. The number ‘6’ is the largest, and it gradually decreases toward the two sides. The surface of the disk is full of change. The crown was also deliberately placed at 6 o’clock, and the entire watch was symmetrically balanced. Very Hermes style. Although in the watch market, round watches still occupy the right to speak, for women’s watches, changes seem to be more urgent than men’s watches. Because with our wealth and knowledge, everyone is more willing to buy some unique non-reproducible products, especially for girls. The simple ‘beauty’ is sometimes restricted by the ‘value’ factor, which is one of the deep reasons why many men can’t help chasing explosives. But for girls, the natural collection fascination makes people gradually understand that quantity is not a scarce product, and you will have a lot of it over time, but there may be very few truly true and unique. So the meaning of following the heart is that, after all, we will wear it for a long time, and money is fleeting. 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