Who Says Women Can’t Be Tough 3 Women Tough Watches

Nowadays the trend of watches is more and more tend to go tough curve. Not only men can wear it, but women can also harden to the end. Women can also become tough and brave except for the softness, and be a tough and flexible woman.

Franck Muller GIGA Tourbillon Ten Day Chain Tourbillon
This is a neutral watch. Just as the name of the watch GIGA, this tourbillon watch is equipped with the largest tourbillon mechanism currently installed in the watch, with a diameter of up to 2 cm, accounting for half of the entire watch. The area and atmosphere design with the FM tourbillon frame, when the watch is in operation, you can clearly see the huge flying tourbillon circling the watch, bringing an amazing visual impact.

Hublot Fruit Collection Pavé Tourbillon
This internally created watch uses a movement with 153 parts. The flying tourbillon is clearly visible from the side of the dial. All parts are produced entirely by the Hublot factory. There is no doubt that it will inspire the connoisseur’s eagerness to possess. The diamond and gemstone-encrusted watch is elegant and fashionable, and it is matched with carefully-adjusted trend colors: turquoise, orange yellow, tender powder, iron blue, dark chocolate brown, and camel. One of the pure white watches uses pavé technology, set with 621 diamonds totaling 3.82 carats, shining brilliantly. As a perfect fusion of watchmaking craftsmanship and extremely feminine style.

A / X white round dial classic reveals youthfulness
Focus on the trendy chic trend inspiration and highlight the A / X graphic mark, which is very fashionable and urban. Stainless steel material is used, some parts are made of standard steel, others are gold-plated, and wristband-type straps have different shapes, materials and textures. Enamel and acetate make this series of design details extremely perfect, reflecting the perfect combination of metal and leather, and the watch case, bracelet, and needles are sometimes decorated with shiny crystals. Black and white, steel and gold are the absolute definitions of this series of colors, while the clever A / X marking application creates a distinctive iconic look. The women’s hands have extremely simple hands that complement the bold style on the bracelet and strap.